Find new artist releases and alerts

One thing that I would like to see in Roon is the ability to find new releases of all artists you have in playlists, and maybe even an alert or other message (option) when new records are released for an artist you have on one or more of your playlists.

More specifically, an button in Roon that would list all new releases of all artists you have in playlists, listed in release-date order or “interesting” order (see below).

Probably best to combine this with a setting that says how many tunes in your playlists is needed for a specific artist to mark is as interesting. For example, I have one tune of Britney Spears in a playlist (Piece of me), but I don’t care for any new release from her.

Obviously, this is a feature that only works with an Tidal account.


+1. This would be a very good idea.

Let’s bump this up.

I think Roon could be doing a lot more to leverage it’s metadata integration. I want to know when my library artists have got new content out and Roon is the ideal platform to show it.

Also, at the risk of flogging a horse long dead:

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