Find same songs on other platforms automatically

As I used to use Tidal and Qobuz with Roon all of my playlists contain a mix of Tidal and Qobuz music.
I ended the Tidal subscription so now in all my playlists several former Tidal items are not playable anymore and are marked ‘unavailable’.

I would welcome a feature where Roon suggests the availabilty of these unavailable items on other platforms, in my case Qobuz. Names of albums and songs are the same, so this should not be rocket science I hope.

It obviously is as the request for this is ignored for years.

Yes, automatically replacing this in playlists is a must.

This problem is even worse if you have put songs from Tidal in playlists before you’ve added the album in the Roon library. If you have done that, you’ll end up with two separate play counts and songs in playlist that you cannot ‘like’ (heart icon).

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