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Is there a way we can request Roon to have our DAC etc. device icon added to the software? Not critical but would be really cool.




Roon provide icons for Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices, so I’d suggest requesting the DAC manufactory to supply a DAC for Roon to test and certify.

Hi Carl, Mytek is listed under the Roon Tested DACs.

For some reason the Mytek Brooklyn has no Roon icon, while the older 192 has one, so not sure how that one came about.


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It’s dumb. A user should be able to upload whatever they want for a device icon, it should be just like how an avatar works on a forum. What possible value does it bring to the user experience to restrict it to some pre-vetted library the display of which depends on some esoterica known only to Roon. Why would you write all that code? People don’t care all they want is a picture of the device they are playing to. Or maybe their cat, who cares? It’s confusing the UX with Roon’s strategy for validating devices. They have nothing to do with each other.

Contrived complexity.

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I agree users should be able to upload their icon much like an avatar, should not make it difficult, we have already joined the club so to speak. :slight_smile:

Hi @Raymond_Ho ---- Thank you for the report here and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated.

This thread was brought to my attention by one of our moderators so I wanted to reach out as I had chance to ask the team why you are noticing this behavior with the Mytek Brooklyn “Roon icon”. As per my conversation, the team is working closely with our partners to get all devices into our new device identification engine and once this work has been completed, the BK will be displayed as expected in the signal path chain. Stay tuned!



Hi @eric, thanks for the good news and the swift response from you and the a Roon team, cheers.

Hi @eric

Will Benchmark DACs - listed as Roon tested - also be appearing in the update to the device identification engine?

Hi @DuckSoup ---- The Benchmark DACs will indeed be listed once the mentioned work above has been completed.


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From IQaudio, the dac and amp-boards are found among the devices but not the digi+. Is there a reason for this?

This has been raised a number of times before but Roon just don’t seem to want to budge on it. Which is a real shame.

It makes no sense to me (let alone anyone else in my house) to have icons for zones that are raspberry pi’s in cases for example. Why would the zone icon resemble a plastic box or circuit board hidden out of sight?

So, agreed, just let us have what icons we want! Or at least give us some stock ones to choose from in the interim - I’d rather have generic speakers or room icons personally.

Device settings are a different case, and I can see some logic there - although I doubt it would hurt anyone if these could be set by the user too.

The device settings can already be manually adjusted…

I’m just kind of baffled by Roon’s choices of avatar made available, when it’s not clear why some are chosen and some are not.

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Not correct. But that’s the way it should be. At least IMHO.

Why not allow a user-specified avatar/icon in addition to the defaults?

Seems like this is on a rather low support priority