Finding a Qobuz Playlist

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus+ (OS: Version 1.0 build 227; Server: Version 1.7 build 667; S/w: Version 1,0 build 12)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Ethernet connections

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Bryston BDA-3 USB connection

Description Of Issue
(I’m not sure why you need the detail above). Cookie Marenco shared a Qobuz playlist of every track that she’s worked on. It’s at: I would like to play it in Roon.

I can see that playlist directly in Qobuz but I cannot find it in Roon. Search did not seem to show it and scrolling through the Qobuz playlists within Roon, I didn’t see it (and that’s a long process). How do I access it?

Secondary question – while there are a lot of Qobuz playlists in Roon, I can’t believe that I’m seeing all of them–are they being filtered, and if so what are the filter criteria.


Could this be a region thing? I cannot find that playlist nor any existence of Cookie Marenco on Qobuz here in the UK (let alone on Qobuz via Roon). I have found that if I add a playlist as a favourite on Qobuz (app) it then subsequently appears in the ‘My Playlists’ section within Roon.

@Rad_R : You and I have opposite experiences. If I click on the link I provided, Cookie’s playlist comes up immediately in Qobuz (I’m viewing in Chrome browser). I don’t know why you’re not seeing it, FYI I’m in the U.S.

Before I posted I did favorite the playlist in Qobuz and it did NOT appear for me in Roon. But I just rechecked, and now it IS appearing. I guess there is more of a delay than I would have expected (I gave it about 15 minutes, and now it’s had several hours).

Thanks – I can work with this!

But that does underscore that the Playlists listed under Qobuz in Roon are a subset of what’s available in Qobuz, which I had not known nor expected.

Like I say, it may be regional. I’m in the UK not the US. That artist returns zero results for me in Qobuz.

Ah yes, well I can help speed that up for you… The 2 services sync on a schedule and so it will not appear immediately in Roon. If you wish to ‘force’ it to appear sooner in Roon, go to settings > services and then ‘edit’ for Qobuz - it will then give you a ‘sync library now’ button. Hit that and you’re all synced up :+1:

Glad you got sorted.

Thank you for your help and the sync tip – I’ll remember that one.

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