Finding Albums by Catalog Number

I am digitizing a lot of vinyl into my ROON Collection. In general ROON can find/identify them. However there are a certain selection of albums that can not be identified, or can not be without a certain amount of fussing with the name. For example the album “The Billie Holliday Story Volume 1” from the album cover could not be located by ROON until I stumbled across identifying it as “The Billie Holliday Story Vol, 1”, same thing for Vol 2. Still trying to figure out the secret code for Vol 3. I can locate all this vinyl on Discogs, for example PG 32127 is for Volume 3, using the catalog number from the album. I tried editing the catalog number in ROON but nothing. Maybe I am missed something, but entering the catalog number to identify an album would be a great thing. Any ideas? Been using ROON for a year plus and this is the one thing I just don’t get as the catalog number is the one certain way to get the right track listing, album art, and whether is is vinyl, cd, download etc.

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I’d love to see this function added if it’s not already available.