Finding albums from my library AND Tidal

Noob here, just installed yesterday.

All is working, but I don’t understand how to navigate across both my library and Tidal.

An example would be Pink Floyd. On the Tidal App, I can see ALL of their albums.

When using the Roon client, I can see all of MY albums and then a few on Tidal when scrolling down. I kind of expected to see my library albums PLUS what’s available on Tidal, even if they were duplicates of what I already have in my local library.

What am I doing wrong?


Your library includes both local and streaming titles. The first grouping includes all albums in your library–in the image below you can see that two are local and two are TIDAL (icon top-left of cover.)

The next section displays all titles available (TIDAL, but Qobuz too if you subscribe.) Are you seeing something different? To view albums on TIDAL click on View All Main Albums or the > to scroll right.

My local library (I have no idea how I added the Tidal versions!)…

What I then see below in tidal:

So, where are all the famous albums? In the Tidal client I can see them all!

When you favourite an album in TIDAL it is added to your Roon library. Similar releases are grouped together. For example, click on Wish You Were Here and take a look at the album screen. You’ll see a Versions tab. Click on this and you’ll see the TIDAL entries.

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Doh! So simple - thank you!

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