Finding appearances

One of the things I really was looking forward to with Roon was being able to find all the tracks a certain artist has played on. However, what I am finding is that Roon will show me the individual tracks from the main albums an artist is associated with, but the appearances section only shows other Albums, not individual tracks on those albums, that the artist played on. I guess Roon is just limited by the metadata it can get hold of, but it is a shame it doesn’t seem to be able to go one step further. An example is Alan Murphy, who played with SFX, Kate Bush, Go West etc - the artist page - All Tracks only shows 9 tracks, but there is one main album PLUS 10 appearances.

Go to Track Browser / Focus / Performers / pick your performer

It gives you all the tracks a performer was on, including when the album is not “theirs”. You could then bookmark this search if it is useful to you to do so.

@mike Roon could usefully link from the Artist page to the Track / Performers focus. I’d like this too.

Agreed. I’m going to sound like a fanboi here, but Logitechmediaserver has around 15 years of development under its belt and there are some things it does very well and intuitively. As much as I love what I’m seeing in Roon I do think that there’d be some benefit for the Roon team in installing and using LMS to navigate a small library to see what it is that it does very well and adopt where appropriate. I honestly don’t think a user should have to go from the Artist page to the Track / Performers focus to see what albums/tracks the artist being browsed has participated in. It should be listed by default distinguishing between Main Albums, Collaborations/ Guest Appearances and Compilations. The data is there, it’s just a matter of presentation.

Hey guys, does the “View All Tracks” link on the performer/artist pages not meet your needs here?

It should take you to the track browser, focused on the performer’s appearances.

Oops. It’s already there! (And yes, that’s enough for me. Others may disagree.)

Hmm - I think it must just be that the “appearances” tracks only mention the artist in the album credits, not the individual track credits, because whatever I do I can’t get the “appearances” tracks to appear in any track listing, with or without focus.

Maybe what is needed is “crowd tagging” with some kind of voting system for validity? That could be cool :slight_smile:

@pcwilliams – can you give me a specific example? We have two types of performer credits… main performers and normal performers. doing the View All Tracks from the artist page will focus on performer credits, which should pick up track credits. Is that not what you are seeing? If you click on a track’s credits booklet, do you see the artist in the track credits or are you lacking the credits data?

We actually have a user generated content db built, but the gui is not presentable at all to end users :smile: I’d really like to get that fixed up and released to all of you, since I’m sure we have the most OCD metadata groomers in the world :slight_smile: