Finding artists I have NOT tagged

I have been busy tagging my music artists and THINK I have got all of them. Is there any way of identifying any I might have missed ?

I don’t understand, just go to Artists and they are all there.

I suggest to use an external program do this. I use mp3tag. When pointing mp3tag to your musiclibrary it will be scanned as roon would. Once the scan has finished you will see all your files and tags in database structure. You can sort the columns to see the empty tags. I found a few when I was re-tagging my library in this way.

Another way is if you use a DLNA server some software will show “untagged” files.

CI presume you mean using the Roon “tags” function?

One way would be to create a new tag called “all tags” and add all the artist tags you have to it. Then selecting the “all tags” and minusing it should give you any untagged artists.


Thank you for the suggestion. Would mp3tag work on FLAC files ?

John B: can you clarify what you mean by “minusing it”? I fear losing all my tagging!

In all the Browsers (Album, Artists, Tracks, Composers, Compositions), there’s a Tag icon shown in the row of functions at the top left of a Browser. If you click/touch it, you get the “Focus on Tags” screen.

Selecting a Tag will show the selected Tag in green at the top of the screen. This indicates that the Browser will now be showing only the contents of your library that correspond to the Tag.

If you click the green Tag, it turns red (and shows a “minus” sign instead of a “plus”). Now the content of the Browser screen will be showing only items that do NOT correspond to the Tag.

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John B: Don’t bother to tell me about “minussing it”. I have sorted it out and it worked, so thanks a lot.

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Yes, mp3tag works on flac as well, also on dsf files in case you have those as well.