Finding Artists that don't have Photos

I may very well be hallucinating but I remember it being easy in 1.7 to find artists without photos so I could manually add them if I had time. Same thing for missing album covers.

In 1.8, I think the fact you can use focus to identify albums with large, medium and small covers vs just any cover is a nice enhancement. But there is no way to use focus to identify artists with or without photos. Was this functionality lost??

You can still get there

Got to My Artist and click Focus, the click ‘Image Count’

Replace the right number (1) into 0

Which results in 7 artists in my case


Weird. My system wasn’t showing these choices but I rebooted my core and now I see the same thing and all good. Thanks!

Only 7 artist pictures missing in your entire collection?!? Wow, I wish it were the same with me. Did you add a lot of pictures manually?
Obviously then many things look better in Roon. Guess I have too many „obscure“ artists in my collection.
I will start adding more manually. A new hobby :smiley:

I have 0 artists without pics… yes I added a bunch manually…

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Yes, I make sure that all artists have a photo (if I can find one, sometimes they do not exist and I cannot find a ‘generic’ replacement)
Even ‘Various Artists’ has its own picture with me’
So I am have some catchup todo :grinning:

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ah well - 1073 artist without a picture in my collection…


5 pictures a day can take the pain away (but it will take a very long time).

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Please do mine for me :grinning:- more than 1000 missing. Guess this will be a very time consuming hobby.

Send me a Pm with the artist you do not have pictures for.
Maybe, just maybe, I can get you going with a first set)

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Ha! I had a few hundred missing and it took a while, but you have an uphill climb…

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That is a very generous offer. Thanks! The missing artists are also one of the reasons, why I dislike the new Credits - so this would definitely look better than the grey bubbles.