Finding file on computer

Can anyone tell me how, when looking at an album in Roon I can see where it is stored on my computer?


Select with a long click or press on a track and at the top look for track info and click on that - you can copy the path too

i,e \\music\Alans Music\Supertramp [10 SHM-CD’s + bonus] (1970 - 1987)\1977 - Even in the Quietest Moments[SHM-CD]\Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments… - 01 - Give a Little Bit.flac

Fantastic thank you! I have just seen the user guide, which I am going to read to avoid asking questions like these. I assume stuff like this is in there? But thanks ever so much

I’ve been guilty of not reading the manual too, but when I started in Roon I think it was still a work in progress…now its more complete. Lots of things to love about Roon…and find in the manual too I think :blush: