Finding files with missing genre

Hi all. I use my metadata (using Yate) rather than Roon. My problem is that I have 3190 files but the sum of files with genre in the file is 3184. In other words, there are 6 files with no genre embedded.

Is there any way I can identify these 6 files without editing every file until I find them (very boring and time-consuming!!).

Thanks for any help. Philip

How do you know? Roon has no genre support for tracks (files) – only albums. Use the focus tool to find album without genres:

Hi BlackJack

I meant albums, not files!

I have gone into My Albums and pressed Focus. What do I do now please?

I linked the guide and a picture even showing the settings. What else do you need?

Thanks BlackJack. You are absolutely right. I was being dumb. Fantastic help- many thanks. Philip