Finding "Matched" imported albums

I occasionally import alternate versions of albums, which are often (thankfully) matched and grouped as alternate version of existing albums in my library.

The problem is, I’d like to tag these new imports, but if they’re matched, they don’t show up in the “Home->Recent Activity->Added” section, where I could apply the tag in bulk.

Instead, I have to go to each album (referencing my own list of why I imported), find the version I just imported, and individually apply the tag to each album.

Is there I way I can get a COMPLETE list of what I just added to the library, regardless of whether it was matched or not?

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Enable Roon Settings > General > Browsing Preferences > Show Hidden Tracks and Albums > Yes. Then they should appear as separate album covers in My Albums, and I guess also in Recent > Added

This is a slightly better albiet temporary solution which requires turning that toggling that preference option to affect the change, then turning it back off.

Within an artist view, it has the effect of showing all versions of a album within an artist, and you could perhaps more quickly select the multiple new versions of albums you’ve added within an artist.

It does not appear, however, to change the behavior of the “recently added” view.

The most useful change is that it does change the behavior of “My albums” sorted by “Date Added” where you can quickly engage with exactly what I was looking for.


I’m surprised that it doesn’t change the display in Recently Added - not even if you click More? (Though I never tried it). In this case, as you found, My Albums sorted by added is probably the best solution.

No, not even if I click More.

It’s not clear what the logic is for what it showing to me in “Added recently.”

In a few cases, it has grouped the album with other media I already have (sometimes in the same storage location, sometimes a different storage location, sometimes from Tidal or Qobuz), yet it still shows up in “Added recently.”

But many more times, it doesn’t, unless I’ve done the steps above and view in “My Albums” as described.