Finding Missing Albums / Tracks


I am not sure if this is possible or not (ie here or feature request). Is there an easy way to compile a list of all albums for my artists that exist in tidal or preferably that an artist has made that I don’t own a copy of in my own music. I am looking to see 2 separate things

  1. Albums across my ripped database where I have missed ripping a track (unfortunately it happened)
  2. Albums / songs by artists I own but which I personally don’t own copies of I would prefer to do this without checking artist by artist for missing albums.


For missing tracks try:

Albums > Focus > Inspector > Contiguous Tracks (-)

This won’t work if you are missing the last track in an album.


To follow on dpstjp, the list you asked about can be had by selecting All tracks (or albums) Export/Excel spreadsheet.

This shows multi-disc albums as well, whether or not they’re missing tracks. To avoid that, you can adjust the “disc count” in the Inspector pane as well.

Thanks, this works like a dream for tracks. Finally the suspicions of missing rips can be put to rest.

This only shows multi-disc albums for me when they have non-contiguous tracks, I have not touched the “disc count” at all.

This is great