Finding my latest backup

I have been backing up every now and then to dropbox.

Now I have a problem finding my latest backup. Roon does not show me the dates of my backups. W10 refuses to unhide Roon backup folders.

Please advise.


Settings/View Backups/ navigate to backup folder/Select This Folder.

BUs are only revealed by the last button. HTH

I don’t see dates in this view.

I think I might know. Lets say your backups are in D:BUDrive/MyBackups/Roon.

Navigate TO Roon but do not select it. Once it appears, click the Select button.

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Hope things are well. You are either mis-selecting (pointing at the wrong folder) or you have no back-ups. To eliminate the latter, run a backup currently and then attempt to find it. Roon will tell you it’s completed.