Finding myself using ARC at home!

Calm down. Here‘s when it’s useful: Running around the house with music coming out of my phone. Doing laundry or whatever. I know I can use Roon Remote with the phone as an endpoint. But then I need to switch endpoints from whatever I used earlier. Not on ARC.

And there’s one more tiny thing. HEARTING song on Roon Remote is somewhat fiddly. Only one click on ARC. I heart it.


I have found myself doing this a couple of times as well, which feels strange when there are speakers and systems in every room :thinking:

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BTW just to check you know you can enable your phone as an endpoint with regular roon remote.

But ARC is quick and easy!

Yes I actually did it for the first time ever a week or two ago, but I turned it back off.
Once we have handoff to Roon Ready devices etc then I can see myself doing this more often

Yep found myself using it at home a lot doing chores.


The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is grab my phone, click on Roon ARC, then click play. I don’t even worry about what’s playing, just whatever it was last time I shut it down.

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Ideally Roon Remote and Roon ARC should be ONE app. Perhaps in the future.


Same here. I have a BT speaker that I sometimes use while taking a shower. For that purpose ARC is simply better than Roon Remote. It’s simpler and it responds faster.

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