Finding Qobuz Albums which have Liner Notes?

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread:

Is it possible to identify Qobuz albums which have liner notes within the Roon Library, so that these can be located using Focus criteria? (for example set flag “Has PDF”)

I’m enjoying Qobuz - this feature in particular, which is one of its USPs over other services. Up to the latest build (ROCK on NUC) it is a pleasant surprise when I find a Qobuz album which has notes, but it would be great if this wasn’t pot-luck! Thanks for your help.

The ’Inspector’ filter within the ’Focus’ feature has a ’Liner Notes’ and PDF option you can use in your library itself. This will not look through the entire Qobuz catalogue though.

Hi Stampie, yes “Liner Notes” would be fine as another element to set the tags received from Qobuz - but as you note it doesn’t do this currently. Scope only needs to be albums added from Qobuz, not the whole catalogue.

In my experience- when I set Focus with either “Liner Notes” or “Has PDF”, Roon only returns albums from my local library. What would help me is for Roon to identify and set a suitable flag like this based on pulling the information from the Qobuz Library Sync (or when I find a Qobuz album with liner notes and click ‘Add To Library’).

I don’t know if that data is available from Qobuz as-is, but for me this would make a great feature - great feature worthy of Qobuz expanding their metadata & API for Roon to pick up?

@Geoff_Coupe, I think this is what you were interested in back in Jan '19?