Finding Tidal Albums from Roon

As expected, when I search for an artist on Roon, I see the albums I own on my hard drive. However I don’t see all the albums Tidal offers.

Example: For David Bowie, when I log into Tidal directly, I see 36 albums. The same artist from Roon shows 8 Tidal albums. Why don’t I see the other 28?

How do I see all the albums Tidal offers through Roon?

I am a Premium Tidal subscriber from the US.


Check this thread. It may be the same issue. Do you have most of David Bowie’s albums on your hard drive?

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, Greg. My issue is different – its not that Tidal albums are deduped when they appear on my hard drive. The Tidal albums don’t appear even when I don’t have them on my hard drive. I am able to coax Tidal albums to appear this way: in the Tidal search side (where the album should appear but doesn’t) I search for an album or track by name and \ it appears. Then I click “add to library”. This causes that album and other albums by the same artist to now appear as expected. Does that make sense?

I don’t know if it’s related to your probles, but for a bit yesterday evening (Europe) there would for me be a delay of several seconds up to close to a minute before the Tidal albums of some different artists I searched for would show up (and I believe this was also true for Tidal dupes/versions of a couple of albums I have locally). As some of the artists I searched for are kind of obscure I first thought they weren’t on Tidal (well, some weren’t).

Thanks so much for your helpful reply. I’ll try again tonight and see what I get.