Finding Tidal Playlists

Relatively new to roon (which I do like). I seem unable to find the playlists I have created in Tidal when using roon. When I do TIdal > Playlists all I get are the Tidal created lists, not the ones I created. If I use View All I get a huge number of lists (which might include mine) but there are so many and there seems to be no organisation making it almost impossible to locate any particular list. Is it just not possible to use lists in roon that were created in Tidal or am I doing something wrong?

Don’t go to Tidal > Playlists. Use Roon’s playlists (under the hamburger). Do you see your playlists there? The Knowledge Base will help.

I would, but I have previously created playlists in Tidal that I want to use. A big problem trying to re-create them in roon. Especially as searching Tidal through roon is a mess. Try finding Julius Katchen’s recording of Brahms Variation on a Hungarian Folk Song in roon (which will give you his recording of Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy on Hungarian Folk, but not the Brahms). It’s a piece of cake to find this in Tidal itself.Really, my free trial is about up and the inability to use Tidal efficiently in roon is a deal breaker.

That’s fine. They should appear automatically in Roon’s listings of playlists; ie Roon incorporates your Tidal playlists into your Roon library.

I searched on exactly “Julius Katchen’s recording of Brahms Variation on a Hungarian Folk Song”. I got a good looking result as no. 2 on my list of tracks.

While I would have hoped not to have to use such a convolution search term, it did return the album on which the track appears. Thanks. I still want to use my existing Tidal playlists in roon. Is that possible?

Do you not see them when you go hamburger menu > playlists? I would have expected to see them there. If not, perhaps they are very recent and haven’t yet been sync’d. You can force this by going to the Tidal screen in roon, and tapping the circular arrow top left.

“Katchen Brahms Hungarian Folk Song” gets me the desired result In the top spot on the Tracks list. Using @BrianW’s search string finds the desired result as the Top Result … so maybe it’s not so convoluted? :wink:

Ah. Hitting the arrow did it and now a new one I created as a test showed up too. Thanks for the guidance.