FIP Station only works in mp3 (not aac)


I am having some trouble with the latest version of Roon. I cannot play FIP station anymore (

“Started live radio”, then, “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.”

The streams works properly with VLC on my computer or iPhone. I have try with different endpoints (including my iPhone) with Roon and always got the same error.

The only stream that works is the low mp3 quality stream (

Is this a new bug or is there anything I am doing wrong?

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Hello Torpi, do you by chance have Roon installed on a QNAP NAS ? There is a missing codec in the recent QNAP firmwares preventing AAC to be decoded.


Hello @alec_eiffel,

Thank you for your response. Roon Core is installed on openSUZE Leap 15.2, but if I follow you correctly, AAC decoding happens on the core so I should check there.

I will report back if I find something.
Thank you.



You were right. My bad. Adding AAC codec on the core solved the issue.

Thank you,

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