Fire 7 as Roon end point into external DAC

Does anyone know if you can connect an external DAC to an Amazon Fire tablet and use it as a Roon end point - looking for a bedside solution…

Don’t bother. Not sure Amazon OS even supports DACs. But even stock Android is not good with Roon. Due to the limitations of Android it won’t see it and won’t offer bit perfect playback. It will output via it but you will only get out 48/24 native Androids max sample rate. Get a Raspberry pi instead and use that to a DAC by installing Ropieee.

You can for the Amazon music app but I’m not sure about roon.

RPi is solution elsewhere in house, but for bedside use it’s Pi + DAC + headphone amp + tablet or phone as controller - not ideal…

What about older iPhone -> dragonfly red? what sort of quality might I get there?

They will work and you will get 96/24 max out it higher for MQA. Roon won’t see the DAC but it does work as it should unlike Android which sucks to be quite frank and needs some care and attention paying to it.

Amazon music app doesn’t recognise any DACs last time I tried it , something changed ?

Just going by a Google search and user comments