FireTv running Roon problem: Changing track can lose connection with endpoint

As above,
Happily playing music, change the track amd Roon loses connection with FireTv ‘Zone’.

Roon asks to select a zone for playback and FireTv isn’t there.
Pops up again anytime from a few seconds to almost a minute, seems no way to predict it.

Affects playing playlists too?
A few tracks in and music just stops.

Any help sorting this much appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

tried installing roon on the FireTV- download went fine, and it installs ok. however, there’s a screen asking me to agree to terms, and i can’t “click” agree. i think it wants a touch input.

i can see the FireTV in audio–>setup, and i can make changes to the settings. it doesn’t appear in playback zones.

With Roon on Firetv you need a keyboard/mouse to control it.

I clicked to select accept and Roon started as normal.
I just switch the tv off, having Roon on FireTv running in background.

Still stops on playlists and Roon loses conection with FireTv endpoint.
Roon remote in Ipad has taken to crash too now.

Its repeatable, so definately something going on.
Worth looking at Roon logs, see whats going on?

how do you connect a keyboard to the FireTV?

Usb dongle of Logitech K400 keyboard, works a charm.