Firmware 13.2.0 - DOS.2.2.6 released

Hi Devialet Folks,

FYI new Firmware just got released for Devialet Expert Pro:

On October 6th, 2020, we released the Firmware 13.2.0 + DOS 2.2.6 for Expert Pro. This release includes the following improvements (compared to Firmware 13.1.3 + DOS 2.2.4):

  • Sweet Room: 9 bands parametric equalizer feature. Ability to manually input room correction directives, via SD card, in order to modify and tailor the output signal. Available on every input.
  • Bug fix: Loss of networking feature (IPv4 address) in Ethernet after a seemingly random period.
  • Bug fix: Going back to previous firmware versions without user action.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements related to Roon Ready usage over Gigabit Ethernet.

Looks like this Gigabit Ethernet issue with Roon is fixed. Time to celebrate?

This new firmware is working fine on my units.
A change I noticed: bug for SAM+BASS (…-DOS-2-2-4) is fixed by DSPM v8.5.

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Take care, my D1000 is getting marked as “Not Roon certified” after firmware upgrade. By mistake I deactivated it, and could not reactivate as Roon now preventing activating non-certified devices!

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Oh thought everything is working fine now

During firmware upgrade process, usually unit is identified as a different network device than the one during regular use.
Did you try to full shut down (disconnect from the mains) your units?

2020 Just get’s weirder, never thought I would ever see any form of room correction delivered by Devialet! And they claim to have fixed the Ethernet issue. Something to play with tomorrow, I don’t fancy being a super early adopter of this.

Not after FW upgrade, will give it a try. Right now I am restoring a Roon backup from yesterday in the hope the device configuration (activated devices) is part of the backup and would then be restored.

You should do it beforee restoring Roon database, I believe…

Agree, now too late :wink:
Curious to see / confirm a restore will restore device configuration / settings. Have not made changes to library since yesterday so not much to loose with that approach.

FYI this mechanism is working, my D1000 was restored as an “activated device”. I will unplug / plug with hope it will get recognized as a “certified device”.

Is anyone else having problems with the update? My 220 Pro is recognising Roon Ready but not playing any music. I have left WiFi off but that wasn’t working with either Air or Airplay either.

Preciously RR worked but with more dropouts than ideal.

Any suggestions appreciated.

FWIW, Devialet did not state that they fixed the Roon Ready issue playing hi-res music over gigabit ethernet. They claimed “…improvements toward Roon Ready…”. From my experience with a beta of OS 2.2.6, I could no longer reproduce the “audio files loading slowly…” error but I still encountered routine dropouts when playing 24bit music.

I won’t have a chance to download the latest for another few days. Has anyone else found that this release actually did fully eliminate the hi-res streaming over gigabit problems that many of us have encountered? That would be wonderful but I’m still a bit skeptical given the way they worded the release notes.

After update I had to turn the Devialet off, and then restart Roon to get it activated again.

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Same thing here. After the update it first showed up as Roon uncertified, but I just rebooted my Roon Core, and then it was back to Roon Ready status again.

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+1 same here

Not yet enough to tell issue is fully eliminated but so far so good after few hours.

What exactly is the hi-res streaming over gigabit issue?

Looks like it’s massively improved, but it’s still there for me, going back to air, which is flawless for me.

Are you getting dropouts or the dreaded 'audio files loading slowly…"?

I’m hoping to install it late this afternoon or tomorrow.