Firmware updates for ROCK?

Does Roon updating take care of NUC (7i7BNH) firmware updates issued by INTEL? If not Roon, should I? Or should I leave it be?

No it does not

It’s up to you whether you want to touch something that works.


Well, what prompted the question was an HDMI connection that wasn’t working.

I guess you could boot it on a windows drive tempory and run the Intel update tool?
Or perhaps you can install separate updates from a usb drive if you boot in DOS?

I wound up with the USB updating. Thanks!

[Misread your question (from John_V – APOLOGIES!!!); I ACTUALLY haven’t done any Intel updates, and probably won’t. But my reply still stands, and I would think that an Intel firmware update wouldn’t change things unless you’ve got a somewhat “iffy” ROCK-compatible NUC. But, very good question!!!]

I’ve always updated the OS on my two Roon ROCK NUC streamers. I expect nothing to very little to happen, unless a Roon bridge update occurs, and then I also really expect no changes. But I DO expect them to work after an update, and that expectation has never disappointed me.

I’m thinking if your NUCs are totally compatible with ROCK – or, if you’ve made them so (some aren’t and need little changes), things will proceed copasetic-ally. And, moreover, I guess I’ve got somewhat of a temporary backup if my actual Roon ROCK NUC core fails.