First and Last Artists in Your Library?

Mine are

4 Non Blondes
ZZ Top

If I skip numbers and “initials”, it would be

A Small Good Thing
Yo Yo Ma

What are yours?

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Aardvark (with numbers 16 horsepower)
ZZ Ward (The Zutons)

Zz top

2 Unlimited – ZZ Top

ABBA – Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

10,000 Maniacs and ZZ Top

!Cubanismon! (Malembe) —— ZZ Top (XXX)

A Balladeer (Panama) —— The Zutons (Tired of Hanging Around)

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1982 (letters start with A Filetta)

Kirill Chernegin [*]

[*] Why it stops with C (or K)? I was wondering, too and had a look. The sort name (pulled from musicbrainz, I think) reads: Чернегин, Кирилл. So it ends beyond Z … the last latin letter entry would be Teunis van der Zwart :slight_smile:

2 Cellos
Zac Brown Band nips Yo Yo Ma

same for me

10 CC ZZ Top

!Action Pact! - Yazoo

Same here, Chris!

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101 Strings and ZZTop

112 and Zhane.

3 Doors Down
ZZ Top (lots of ZZ’s listed here I see)

If I skip numbers like someone else did then it’s a-ha

10cc & David Zinman.
(composers: 3rd Force & John Zorn)

12 Ensemble and Zella Day

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First is 5ive - a British boy band. I consider deleting it so that 9Bach with Welsh folk rock will get the prominent place :slight_smile:

Last is Nikolaj Znaider

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