First day of ever using Roon, after 10 minutes of importing my music folder, the app crashes

After 10 minutes of importing my music folder for the first time, the app crashes. I manually reboot it , it opens , but then crashes again after several seconds.

I can imagine it has some issues with some files or mine … not sure what and why would cause it to become so unstable … i thought a product such as Roon would be much more stable.

I am seriously testing Roon for a long term relationship :slightly_smiling_face:
So please help

I tried renaming the Roon folder … then installed the Roon again from scratch, went ahead with importing the same music folder , and the same thing happened …

My music folder has 150K + files… and contain lots of playlist files throughout …
My system is Intel i7 with 12GB of RAM …

I suspect the issue is about importing the library … probably some file is causing some error.

Logs of Roon:

Turns out that I just didn’t have enough storage space on drive C: where the roon folder is installed

The Roon folder is 17GB !! 16GB is all artwork ! that’s a bit much …

All resolved now.

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For that many tracks that sounds about right tbh.

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