First day with Ropieee -really easy to setup- and RPI temperature

Hi, I just bought an RPI 3 B+, my first one, with a case to replace a small celeron-no fan-slow laptop with win10 that I used in my kitchen as a Roon´s endpoint. Then I install Ropieee, plug a dragonfly black and now is working, via wifi 5Ghz and conected to an audiopro C5, perfectly. All the install process was really smooth, very easy to follow and complete. No problem at all in the path. Many many thanks to the Harry @spockfish: amazing work.

Just a quick question. The RPI temperature is around 57’C all time. Is that ok? (here, in Madrid, we´re actually around 33-35’C).

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Likely normal.
25°C room and 47°C inside a metalcase for the pi3b while idling the whole day here.
Thus pretty normal I’d say. You should consider moving more to the north, or play some cool music :wink: (a case allowing more passive airflow would also be an idea)
But I wouldn’t expect it do drop by more than 3K if you would uninstall roon. It’s the pi itself.

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Play for an hour and look again:

It’s a bit on the high side, but within normal range. You may be able to shave off the few degrees by putting on a heat sink and/or removing the case and putting the Pi on its side. But frankly, I wouldn’t bother.


Amazing! Now playing Miles Davis´s “Birth of the cool” and the RPI temperature is down to 56.4’C :wink: So, if I play some beautiful very north stuff like Björk, Òlafur Arnalds or Agnes Obel, maybe I can get less than 56’C? :wink:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your replys StefanB and RBM.

Loving Roon and now also loving RPI+Ropieee. That´s good!


I agree with this – removing sides of a case and arranging the boards vertically helps quite a lot (I have brought the temperature down by 5 degrees in some cases).

My devices range from 40s to 50s, usually dependent on case configuration:

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Just to confirm that, as RBM and Nathan point me to, arrange the RPI+case vertically make the temperature between 3 and 4 degrees less, around 53C (horizontally it was 57C)

Thanks a lot for the advice!