First impression and issue with characters like à, è, ì, ò, ù, á, é, ó

Hi, I am new and using a Linn Majik DS streamer and I can use it in combination with Songcast, but that does not sound as good as streaming the files directly from the server on the NAS (probably because my MacBook only has WiFi). I certainly think that Roon as great potential but I do not want to compromise on sound quality. It would be perfect if I could use Roon as a controller (like Linn Kazoo) and stream music directly from my NAS to the DS. It is great in combination with Tidal and what I really like is the Radio feature that starts after the music Queue ends. This also helps me to discover new music :smile:

I did notice something strange when I let Roon do the changes to the folders on the NAS (QNAP), it resulted sometime in files that could not be accessed anymore from my MacBook. This was particular the case for some of the Enya albums I have stored on the NAS. It seems like it has to do with the song titles that sometimes have the following characters: à, è, ì, ò, ù, á, é, ó. I had a similar issue with the artist name Tõnu Kaljuste. The only way to solve it was to change the names using the file browser application of the NAS itself (since I could not acces the files from my Mac). It took a while to have this sorted out. I have now setup my NAS as a watched folder and will give it a further try.

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can you access them from from you mac using anything else?

No, only from the file browser that is installed on the NAS. The Finder on my Mac only sees empty folders. After changing the names (thus nog using the above mentioned characters) on the NAS, the files became visible again.

we have taken note of this and will prevent it in the future.

we also are thinking about limiting the organized folder to be for copy imports only. there is just too much risk something can go wrong, like your example.

i would stick to watched folders for now. thanks for the report, and sorry about the bother.