First impression: impressed!

Awfully quiet in here… :wink:

Was able to download the Android Preview early this morning and play with it for a few minutes before leaving for work. First impressions (on a Nexus 9):

  • Runs awfully smooth – true desktop experience. Connecting to core without a hitch.
  • Roon just loves to be touched.
  • Feels a little cramped, but probably just because I’m spoiled with 15" full screen over the last two weeks.

Will play with it a lot more later tonight. One question: is Roon Android supposed to be landscape only, or is there a portrait option I missed?

Anyway: very, very promising.

It is landscape only for the time being, portrait mode is coming though.

I’ve only had time for a quick play. The app downloaded and installed without any issues. I did have a problem play music through my Nexus 9 which I thought was down to a lack of volume, but it seemed to be related to a lack of resource. As soon as I shutdown all apps and restarted Roon, it worked as expected.

The screen transactions were good but not as smooth as on the PC. I think that the app becomes even more intuitive on a tablet. Need to get home and play some more!

Cant get mine to work Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10inch ver 4.4.2 The app loads and I get the “roon” screen. After 30 seconds it vanishes unlike chewing gum on my shoes!

Same here. Uninstalled then reinstalled. :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know guys – we’re looking into it.

@jeffzaret what device are you using?

I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 ver4.42 which I believe is the latest version for that tablet. I remote in to a NUC I3 with Microsoft Remote Desktop. The connection works fine that way and I can control Roon that way but would prefer the app. It loads and show Roon and that is it. It is almost like it has missed a clock or some other process and then waiting to respond. You have to kill it to have it go away.



Isn’t that Tab a Intel Atom based tablet? Why did the play store even let you install it… we only support ARM, not x86 Android.

Ah yes, It is an Intel:
1.6GHz Dual Core; Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2560

Yes I checked too and it is an Intel Atom

Will you support Atom in future ?

Oh, and your beloved pawmasher screen makes perfect sense on a tablet – sheer genius!

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Yah, I don’t see why not. Ive put it on my list to get out :smile:

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