First second of songs skipped

Hi there @support,

Ever since using RAAT with my Devialet expert pro 140 the first second or so of a song gets cut off. The resync delay is set at 1000ms, which does not seem to have any effect. Also, sometimes during a song the sound just disappears for a few seconds while the timer is still playing like all is fine.
My system is straightforward, NUC7i5bnh connected to my 140 by Ethernet.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this issue. Hope you guys can help.


Hello @Melkboer,

What is your network setup like? Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of your router and any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect?

We are actively investigating an issue with Devialet on Gigabit connections as mentioned in this thread:

As far as we can tell, if you limit the connection speeds to 100mbps instead of using gigabit, the issue does not occur, but it is not clear what triggers this behavior at the present time.

Do you by any chance have the option of connecting the Devlialet to a 100mbps port instead of a gigabit port and if you do, does that change anything with regards to the first few seconds of song getting cut off?


Hi Noris,

Thanks for your reply. My router is a Technicolor TC7210 wifi-modem. I have no range extenders, power lines or switches installed. The router is connected to the NUC with a USD 3.0 to Ethernet dongle. The NUC is connected to my Devialet with a CAT6A ethernet cable. I do not have the option of running a 100mb port, as far as I know. Glad to know the Roon team is working on it though!

Kind regards,

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Hello @Melkboer,

Thanks for letting me know that network setup setup, as I mentioned before, we’re actively discussing this with Devialet and as soon as I have more information to share here regarding the investigation, I’ll be sure to let you know!

– Noris

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