First start of Roon fails on Win Server 2016

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows Server 2016, Roon 1.7.505

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue

Hi, I’ve installed Roon 1.7.505 without problems to a Win 10 PC as core.
Now I’ve installed on my Audio-PC a brand new Windows Server 2016, then Roon 1.7.505 for playing the music from there. Starting Roon fails with a runtime error from the first try on. Unfortunately the error message is only something about any object instance can’t be created (I see the message in German), no hint what could be the problem.

What can I do?

Thank you!

Hi @Ludger_Luckenbach,

Can you share a screenshot of the error message you see?

I was also hoping you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.


Hi Dylan,

I’ve just decided to give Win 10 a chance as OS for the Audio-PC. I read somewhere it would sound better than the earlier deskop OSs.

I already began the installation. I hope that will work without problems.

If it doesn’t sound good I’ll go on trying with a server OS later. If there will be again any trouble I’ll write then again.

Thank you!


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Hi @dylan,

The sound of Win 10 isn’t satisfying. So I’ve made again a brand new installation of Windows Server 2016, done nothing before installing Roon and again there happens nothing but an error message:

The message is in German, can you translate it?

I would like to use Windows Server 2016 with Roon. Can you reproduce the behaviour?

Thank you!

Did you install roon server or the whole roon app including control point?
This might be a graphics driver error.

As I wrote above this device is for playing music. It must handle control and output. Is that correct?

For the best quality of sound possible this device (Audio-PC) shall work with Windows Server 2016 as OS.

In the meantime I made a test using Windows Server 2019, the behaviour is exactly the same. (Then went back to Windows Server 2016.)

It could be the graphics driver causing the problem. What can be done?
It is the standard driver delivered with Windows, regarding sound quality that is the best choice (no needless features running in background).
I’ve installed other apps on this device, for example JRiver, also with GUI, and that works

Hi @Ludger_Luckenbach,

Are the graphics drivers up to date? What GPU is in use?

Are you wanting to always control Roon from this device?

Are you always wanting to control Roon from this machine, or just use it as your Core? You could install RoonServer and use this as your Core but control Roon from remote devices.

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Hi Dylan,

there is an Intel HD OnBoard graphics adapter, the board is made by Gigabyte.
WS2016 installed by default the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver from 2006. Normaly that doesn’t cause problems.

Until now I couldn’t find a way to install a manufacturer specific driver, there is nothing available for Server OS by Gigabyte and all I could find somewhere else didn’t work.

This device must play music. As I understood the Roon app is needed for that, or not?

The Roon Core must be installed on a different PC that allways runs. That already works fine.

No, as Dylan suggests, the Roon Server package contains the Core and Output components, but not the Control (the UI).

You won’t be using this Core on the Win Server, but you can use the Outputs for playing your music.

Ah, ok, now I understood!

Well, this package has no surface and so also no display driver problem.

It works in the way I meant and the first impression of the sound quality is pretty good.

Great! Thank you!

I just began testing Roon a few days ago. For a beginner it is not really obvious that you need a server package for output purpose only. Perhaps the naming is a bit confusing.

But anyway, it is solved. Thank you again!

Actually, thinking about it, an alternative would be to use the Roon Bridge software package. That is purely an output component in Roon’s architectural design. That would be even simpler.

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Ok, thank you! Using Bridge works.

The architecture of your software is brilliant! (Once someone has understood it…)

And the first sound impressions from my Audio-PC with WS2016 and Roon are promising. I think you have a new customer.

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It’s not my software - I’m just a user in the user community forum… It’s the Roon Labs team who deserve the credit.

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Ah, ok! I thought I was talking to members of the Roon team. Sure, it‘s the community here. I didn‘t think about it.
Anyway, thanks a lot to all of you!

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