First time use, a jumbled mess

iMac 5k, i9, 1TB 32GB 10.15.7

Roon 2.0 1169

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AC68U router, Seagate 2TB drive attached to the router via SMB share

Connected Audio Devices

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

First time Roon user on day one of 14 day trial, I have set up on an iMac and it has indexed all the files on an attached 2TB hard drive via smb share. It sees the files no problem, but the problem seems to be that it has mixed up thousands of singles and added them to the albums section, so my previously well organised albums are now a jumbled mess with seemingly no order at all and lots of random stuff mixed in. It also seems to take individual tracks from albums and list them as individual albums?

Also, it says I have 8 composers and goes on to list them, but most of them (7 of 8) are incorrectly identified and show unconnected artists in totally different genres.

So, I guess my questions are, how do I clean up the mess and is there a way to simplify things such as genres, there’s so many genres and sub genres created that it makes it difficult to navigate that way, too.

Instead of pointing Roon to the 2TB drive root and letting it do its thing, would it be better to point to individual folders?


Yes, if your music is segregated into meaningful folders that should resolve some of your problems.

Go the My Library==>Albums and use Focus to display individual folders. For each folder you display that way, set up a Bookmark. Bookmarks keep themselves up to date automatically whenever new content is added.

I don’t use individual folders. My distinction is between Qobuz and local, but individual local folders can also be handled this way. Try it.

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I strongly suspect that Roon is having difficulty identifying your albums if you have developed your own way of organising your music files.

Roon expects that an album will be represented by a folder containing the album tracks. If it can’t identify the album, then it will use metadata in the files to name the tracks and the album.

If you have organised your music according to some other method, then Roon can get confused. See also these articles on file tag best practice and dealing with box-sets.

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Thanks, My albums are in folders for each album, no playlists or anything apart from a cover art. My singles are all in their own artist/singlename folders, but I also have a lot of vinyl rips which are singles too, and it is seeing some of those as albums. I also have a folder of random stuff which isn’t in any order and is all kinds of stuff, but no albums. It seems to also have taken some compilation albums and used each track as a separate album. I’ll have a read of the link you posted, thanks.

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