First time user doubts

First two days discovering Roon and very very noob at this audio stuff, so please bear with me :slight_smile:
I would like to get some thoughts to make sure it’s not something I’m doing wrong…

I’m using a Loxjie A30 with a raspberry pi 3b+ with a Justboom digi hat, listening with headphones. The devices are connected by optical.

  1. Well, this one I kind of discovered myself, just showing how noob I am. I was trying to play some local albums I have in DSD and I barely could listen to any sound. I could hear it, but it was like in a very very deep hole, with some noise. My device configuration had DSP over PCM (i thought this was some kind of conversion).

So it seems my DAC doesn’t support DSD so tho roon can, my DAC can’t handle it. :slight_smile: Gess i have to use Convert to PCM (getting High Quality path, and not Loseless)

  1. On some albuns I get this error:

Those are regular FLAC files. And I listen to the others perfectly. But one or two albuns I get that message and just skips to the other song. I not considering a network issue, otherwise it would be in most albuns, not just 2/3. Also the server running Roon is an intel 11th generation, installed on a 1tb pcie SSD with 32gb RAM. Any advice/tips?

  1. The last one, for now, regards displays and lyrics. I’ve read the FAQ but still don’t understand why.
    I have a shield tv defined as a display. The songs have the lyrics icon (synced or not) , but just half of them show in the shield tv display. I can’t see a standard behavior. Some show some don’t.

Thanks in advance for the answers


That could be your issue. Optical can get flaky when you go above 96, it can depend on the particular transmitter, receiver and cable. So, it might go to 24/192 depending on the devices involved, but, it is never a sure thing. For example, my NAD 3020 did 24/192 over optical, but, when talking to NAD tech support, they pretty much stated that they only rate their transmitter to 24/96 reliably.

You might: try a different Optical cable. Or, try using Coax instead.

Hum, I’ve got one of those kabledirect optical from Amazon… they’re not the best, but surely not the worst. But that wouldn’t affect also others?
Going to check if the specs are the same in albuns that fail and then ones that don’t .

Coax is not an option because I use the inputs for my turntable. Loxjie engineers had the brilliant idea of sharing the coaxial in with the RCA. Lol. But surely I can test just to check that theory. Thanks