First week: Initial observations and thoughts

Hi everybody,

I’ve been a user for about a week and I have to say I am very impressed. I love the access to similar music and the information flow seems wonderful. Two things that would lift it into the totally outstanding bracket.

  1. Having a “Mini view” similar to the iTunes option that means you get a very small window that you can put into the corner of your screen when playing through a computer.

  2. The second one is something that’s again a copy from iTunes but one I love. The visualiser. I have my main system linked to my large screen TV in my sitting room. I love having something incredibly atmospheric on the music system and it would be so wonderful to have some form of Visualiser linked up to Roon. I may of course be missing something very obvious…

Anyway, that’s it. Other wise… Absolutely love it!

Warm regards to all. Neil

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+1 on the “Mini View” idea.

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