First world problems - too many clicks and too much travel to just play an album or song?

Does anyone else think that there are too many actions and too much travel required to play a song or album? What I mean is this:

To play an album I can select, long press, or right click it, then I have to move the mouse or my finger up to the top of the screen to press play, then I have move again to press the play button.

I know that there are bigger fish to fry but since I pretty much listen to music all day in my home office, all of these clicks and movements adds up. I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Why cant the long press or select or right click action open a dialogue box closer to my selections? This will avoid all the extra “travel”.

  2. Why do I need a confirmation screen after I select play? Why cant the options to play, add to queue, play radio, and add next just be available after I select or long press or right click an album(s) or song(s)? If I go into an album and select a single track I have all the options on the very next screen. There is no need to first select play at the top of the screen.

This has been covered ad nauseum to the point of tediousness.

Undoubtedly it bugs a lot of people but thankfully there are tablets you can take for it.


ahhh,…my apologies for beating a dead horse.

I will search to see if I can find Roon’s take on this and what direction (if any) they are going to take based on all the feedback.

BTW, what tablet are you a referring to? I may need some to deal with my many other issues!


This is the existing topic [One Click Play Please]
(One Click Play Please [On Roadmap])

I’m closing this topic, so the discussion is not diluted.