Five years passed and still no solution for remixes' titles 😠

Five years passed and still no solution for remixes’ titles! :angry:
It’s really frustrating. Roon is totally useless and disappointing for such albums as Stevie Wonder “Remixes” or a lot of singles and EPs with several versions of one track.
When are you going to solve this?




It’s intensely frustrating. I have several albums with the same exact problem. It’s almost three years after your post, and still remix artist attributions and proper versioning don’t appear on many track titles, despite their presence when using the native apps (Qobuz and Tidal)!

It’s not only disappointing as a listener, but I find it fairly insulting to artists whose names aren’t properly attributed when Roon plays their track. It makes it hard to enjoy an album of remixes without having any information about whose remix you’re listening to!

Will this ever be resolved? Is it a Roon thing? Metadata formatting?

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Last time I asked a good while back @jamie replied that it was still beeing worked on, but it’s worth asking again! :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexander_Bashlaev. Everyone,

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any timelines but I can say with certainty that it is on our radar. I had to ping someone involved to find this out so let’s hope this popping up again spurs something!

Happy holidays,

How is hoping someone bothers to do something at some time the accepted solution?


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