Fix for detecting missing files

A number of files are missing in roon that are in iTunes. I saw that others have had similar issues, but I did not see a fix for it. Is roon going to issue an update to the software to fix this issue.

I am running everything on a MiniMac.

Is there a fix for detecting missing files. As with other users roon does not include many files that are in iTunes. Oddly, it will include a few songs from an CD but not all. Please advise. Using a MiniMac and latest versions of iTunes and roon.

Just like @Carl wrote about finding in identified albums:

Album Browser --> Focus --> Inspector -> Contiguous tracks
For missing tracks; click the ‘contiguous’ tag, to invert the selection.

This will identify albums with holes, not necessarily albums with the last track missing.

Caveat: the technique works well in general, I haven’t tested iTunes.