Fix for recurring authorization prompt

Hi @goat,
Did you update the QNAP Roon Server App on TS-253be to 2020-06-19 as well?
It also looks like, your database destination for the backups is located within the database directory (Path in screenshot: RoonServer -> RoonServer -> Backup -> RoonBackups). It’d advice to use a dedicated folder (e.g. its own shared folder) for the backup).

Here is an example of my backup folder:

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@crieke i just updated manually to the latest version on QNAP

and thanks for pointing out the backup location
i’ll change this as well

Hi, I have installed the fix released from Christopher to solve the request of login at every boot af the Nas and, since then, the backup has failed no more. I can tell you if it is a side effect or what else but that"s it…

Can = can’t…

@crieke Hi Christopher, I got the same recurring authorization prompt problem with my system. Are you going to issue a quick fix for Synology NAS as well? Thanks!

My system,
Roon Server Build 571
NAS: DS3617xs running DSM 6.1.7

Hi @Jeff_Zhang,
I did not notice the issue on my Synology so far.
I have released a new Synology spk for testing a few days ago, which also includes the changes I made for QNAP and ASUSTOR.

Hi @crieke ,

Thanks for reply.

The issue happened after I switched my Roon Server from Synology 1515+ to 3617xs, and the Server software (all the remotes as well) was updated to build 571 when I start using new Roon Server. BTW, I did install 3617xs server with the new Synology spk you released on June 24.

So I’m not sure if it is caused by software updating or server switching but assume is the software (build 571) as the issue is quite similar with the other users mentioned here.

The symptom now is every time after the NAS is powered on, I need to login to my Roon account via the remote and unauthorize the Roon server before it really start working. Appreciate your further look into this. If needed I’ll open a separate thread in #support.

Thanks again!

Hi Christopher, unfortunately the update does not work for me. My remote prompts me to connect to the Roon server on my NAS. After providing the required credentials, I’m prompted to unauthorize my NAS. Seems like my remote tries to set up a core of its own. This issue started to occur since the last firmware update of my QNAP NAS.

My system:
QNAP TVS-473e, Firmware:
Roon-Server Version 1.7 (build 571)
Roon remotes on Mac OS and iPhone

I would be very grateful for any help.


Hi @Wolfgang_Jekeli,
Click “Unauthorize” (bzw. im deutschen “Deautorisieren”) and you should be back authorised (I know, this might seem paradoxic).
The Roonlabs servers, think your core is authorized, but the device actually is not authorized as the authorization was not saved properly. So you need to click unauthorize button in order to authorize it again.
And this time (as you have performed the qpkg-update of RoonServer) it should be saved correctly and it won’t reoccur. :wink:

Hi @crieke,
Thank you for your quick reply. I have followed your advice. Now I can connect to the server with Roon remote on iPhone. However there is still an issue with my Roon remote on Mac. With Roon remote on Mac, I can connect to the Roon server exactly once. When I quit Roon remote on Mac and try to restart it, it won’t restart but fail on trying to do so. After restarting the Roon server, my Roon remote on Mac will again connect once and fail on the second and every next try.

Thanks in advance for your support!


The Official updated QNAP Roon App is now available in the App Centre.


Hi @crieke, @Scotav,

Everything works fine now. Thank you very much for your help & engagement.


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When I install the Roon app from App Centre on my QNAP-TVS-471, Roon server won’t start.

If I replace this server app with the latest one from RoonLabs website, all is OK except that I have the recurring authorization prompt.

Is there an issue with the Roon app of the App Center?

Hi, that’s strange! When you say you have the same recurring Authorisation Prompt is this just the once or do you continue to get it each time? My experience was that I updated the App from the RoonLabs website which solved the problem. I then updated when the official certified App was available in the QNAP App Centre which works faultlessly. They should both be the same App.

Can you try updating the App again via the QNAP App Centre and see if it works. You may get the Authorisation prompt once but it shouldn’t happen a second time. It may also be worthwhile rebooting the NAS although it shouldn’t be necessary but worth trying anyway.

Which firmware version is the QNAP running on?

I meant to ask if you are presented with the Unauthorise button after you sign in? This should only be necessay once if given this option.

Thank you for your support.

My QNAP firmware version is the latest:

I just did the following:
-Stop and delete Roon app from QNAP app center
-Reboot the NAS
-Install Roon app from QNAP app center --> Roon server won’t start. Why?
-Replace the server app with the latest one from RoonLabs website --> Roon server starts
-I try to connect to the Roon server (I use the Roon control app on a MacBook Pro) and the system displays the login screen and the Unauthorise button for the “QNAP-TVS-471”.
-Reboot the NAS
-I try to connect to the Roon server and the system displays the login screen and the Unauthorise button for the “QNAP-TVS-471”.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but did you press the Unauthorise button? If you didn’t can you press it, others have done the same and it’s what usually gets you past this problem. No one has lost anything by doing so and it sometimes needs to be carried out before the problem is resolved?

Yes, I pressed it.

@crieke @support any ideas on this one @Didier? I’m running the QNAP TS-473 on firmware version and everything runs perfectly, Didier is running