Fix metadata for "The Medics"

There are two bands called “The Medics”. One band is a Dutch (from the Netherlands) band and the other one is an Australian band. In the following screenshot is the artist page for the Dutch band. The picture used for the band is actually a picture of the Australian band, not the Dutch band. The two albums “Foundations” and “Shangri-La” are by the Australian band so they do not belong here.

The artist page for the Australian band only contains the album “Foundations” and is missing “Shangri-La” and is also missing the album “The Boat We Call Love”

“The Boat We Call Love” is listed under a third artist page for “The Medics” and is grouped with albums from the band “Doctor & The Medics”, which is the UK’s version of KISS and definitely not where “The Boat We Call Love” belongs