Fix the bug: adding to library while playing a track

It’s not a “feature request” but a request to fix the bug that I raised earlier. The latest build 790 still didn’t fix the problem. I’d like to hear from Roon developer team to confirm that this fix will be coming in the near future. Please read below.

The issue:

When I add an album to my library (by clicking + button) while playing a track in the same album, then two parallel worlds open up: The newly added album does not show the play action of the track in play, and when I click the track in play, it moves to the album page showing that it is still not added to my library. I can flip back and forth between the two parallel worlds indefinitely. The only way to resolve this problem is to stop the play, go to the newly added album and fresh-start the play action.

Why does it have to be this way? Is there any way Roon can address this in the next release? It is rather a minor annoyance, but it is clumsy nevertheless.


This is definitely not just a minor annoyance as it opens various problems with playlists and items that cannot be liked, inconsistent play counts, etc…

I understand why they have this problem, it was clearly a bad design that is likely unfixable internally, but it can certainly be masked from the outside, in a way users don’t suffer because of it.