Fix the Common Name Problem Once and For All

I fail to understand why Roon can’t fix the confusion as to artists with same names even though customers have been complaining about this for years.
Here is the latest annoying example while listening to Qobuz:


The Bill Evans to the left is not on this new live recording, is a pianist and passed away decades ago as any novice jazz fan knows. Apart from being amateurish, isn’t such an error disrespectful to the dead?
On a quiet day someone from Roon should go to the search bar and type in common surnames and start editing mistakes in the Roon presentation. I’ll get you started. Apart from “Evans” check:
Smith, Jones, Williams, Taylor, Davis, James, etc.,etc.
If you are unwilling to do this, figure out a way for customers to make these rudimentary corrections like you did with the photos (which are significantly improved by the way).


The common name problem is a Sisyphean task, but implementing a system to deal with it using in program feedback from users sounds like a very useful idea.

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Thanks for your response. Why is it that when I use Allmusic and Discogs for research I never encounter the common name problem. Further, I do not recall ever encountering this annoyance when I used other streaming services and their direct app prior to Qobuz and Roon.

Discogs has a vast crowdsource army.

Single sources aren’t trying to aggregate across metadata suplliers, streaming services and local libraries using automation; the only approach at scale at the moment for Roon.
Roon may well turn to crowd sourcing at some point, they certainly have discussed doing so.

Spotify is broken on this. My auto generated playlist of new music once got polluted with the wrong Lau and the wrong Low and then it kept bribing in music by those wrong artists/genres and pretty soon I was skipping half the weekly playlist.

Why does each person have a unique ID, then Lau (9736729) is known to be completely distinct from Lau (9999224).

But what do I know … ?

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