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Every time I edit an album by removing tracks (Fix Track Grouping) the edited album is OK but the album created with the removed tracks has a duplicate of each trakt. If I remove those it does it again…

Screenshot of what you are seeing would help

Here’s an example.

Let’s say I want to remove tracks 4 and 5 from the following album

So I use FIX TRACK GROUPING and remove 4 and 5

And now create the album without 4&5

But the removed tracks in the album created for them duplicates both tracks

Then if I once again FIX TRACK on this album I find that the duplicates are in Disk 2 and the originals are in Disk 1

So I deleted Disk 2 but that was a mistake because it deleted 3 tracks leaving only track 4

Interestingly, it didn’t really go away. I now had three albums

I merged the two albums — and duplicates were again showing and Roon created a second disk

I clicked create disk with duplicates and 2 disks - and the result was what we started with…

The extra albums are now gone

Hey @Dennis_in_FL,

Thank you for taking the time to write in! While we dig into this issue further, it would be immensely helpful to get a full breakdown of your setup. If you could please include the following information:

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

The duplication in editing happens with every album – not just the example I gave.

Just to check that you have rebooted your core roon server and endpoints to make sure you aren’t in some form of odd state.

Yes…I rebooted the core and the mac mini host. I don’t have end points at the moment.

This has been happening for a while…I take it it doesn’t do this on your Macs?

Note that this is on an unidentified album. And I’m editing from the iMac desktop, not the core machine.

I just rebooted the core + mini and tried again and — yes it still happens. Shown below is after I removed track 5 from the same album I used as an example above.

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I just tried it on an “Identified” album and removed the last track. The album editor also created duplicates (this time three tracks were created in the album created by the REMOVE) and when I merged the resulting albums I got a duplicate track warning but it merged them back together just fine after I ignored the warning.

After I did the above, I encountered something that never happened before. Roon hung.

It happened twice. The first time I was playing music and it just stopped. I got an error message something like “Uh Oh…something is wrong” but after about a minute it recovered and started playing again.

The second time - about 5 minutes later - it hung for good. I went to the core machine and I had to force quit Roon.

What have I done?

UPDATE: I once again rebooted everything (Mac Mini, Roon, & the DAC) and now all seems well again. I played the same album that froze and now it is OK (except for a short dropout). Roon is not hanging anymore.

Very strange.

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Hey @Dennis_in_FL,

Thanks for letting me know. That is strange! I’ll close this for now, but if you run into these issues again, please open a new thread and tag me so I can ensure you receive proper attention on it :+1:

don’t close it!!! read the initial problem with editing above

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