Fixed album grouping - albums disappeared

I was using the fix album grouping option in the meta data editor. I fixed 4 or 5 with no problems, but then the next sets i regrouped have completely vanished from Roon, cannot find them from the artist page or using the search. I have just forced a re-scan and they are still gone. Any advice on how to retrieve these? I am coming up blank.

Can you give me a little more information about the kinds of grouping changes you were making?

If there were tracks left over after you created a new album, they might have been grouped into a new album – it might be worth sorting your albums by import date and seeing if there’s anything new.

I was grouping a couple of albums that were compliations but came in as multiple one track albums instead of one complete album. The Warren Zevon tribute enjoy every sandwich is one example that worked fine when being grouped. The ones that vanished were multi disc sets that showed as individual albums instead of one album with multiple discs. An example of this was the essential bruce Springsteen. Once grouped to be one album with 3 discs it vanished.

Any update on this? I updated to build 88 and rescanned the library but the albums are still missing. I have no idea how to get Roon to bring them back.

Hi @John_Hunt,
It may have been identified as something you weren’t expecting so are perhaps not looking in the right place. Or it could have the wrong ID.

Here is what I do…

Go to the track browser

Select ALL

EXport info to XL.

Once you have this info simply run down the file path column until you find the location of this missing album. See what Roon thinks it is.

See if that helps.