Fixed mode in Now Playing screen when going to next track

Let me explain what I want by giving an example:
I’m listening to Juliette Hurel playing Bach’s partita for solo flute and am particularly interested in the Track Credits, so I have that view (is there a special name for these kinds of tabs within the Now Playing screen?) open:

I’m curious about the track credits for the next track and so I click on the skip button and then I get this:

(By the way: just waiting until the next track, as during normal listening sessions, begins gives the same result!)
At this stage I have to click the “Track Credits” icon again to see who are playing now:

I find it very annoying to have to navigate to the View I want every time the queue progresses to the next track!

Could it not be made a configurable choice for users to make if they EITHER want to go back to the default view (Cover art) OR stay with the current view?

Thanks in advance!

If I am understanding you correctly, I think you can edit the view configuration like this;

Known issue it always reverts to the default view when a track change happens…damned annoying. I’ve reported it before here

I’m very sorry, @Tim_Rhodes, but I’m afraid you did not read what I wrote. The customization you show in your screenshots only determines whether a certain view is shown (if available, that is; sometimes the Track Credits icon is not even shown) in the Now Playing screen and in which order the icons are shown.
What it does NOT make possible is tell the remote client to stick with a chosen view whenever the track is changed.

Ah, well I’ve not been using Roon for a very long time, so I’m bumping my head every once in a while. Probably against the same nuisances others have already complained about…

I’m hoping for an option to freeze playing screen modes while in an album or playlist

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I’m with you there, @wizardofoz !

It sticks with the view you place at the top of the customisation list. So if you put Track Credits at the top it will always open on that view for a new track…

Thanks for pointing this out for me, @Tim_Rhodes.
But I really don’t want to change the default mode of the Now Playing screen. That would make absolutely no sense. I just want the mode that I choose at any point in time to not change with the change of track!

It may not be precisely what you want to do in this case, but I don’t see why it makes absolutely no sense.

My original post is here while it did apply to Lyrics in this instance it was generally intended to apply to any Playing Now selection.

Well, maybe my words were too strong, but what I meant to say is that I like a solution to be permanent and not a so-so workaround. I hope to use Roon for many many hours to come and want those to be as agreeable as possible. And how hard can it be for Roon to fix this? It’s not as if they have to dig very deep to find an obscure bug. It’s just a setting we’re talking about…