Fixed Sound -30dB?

Not sure whether this was something I did, or a bug in a Roon.

I’m using a dCS Network Bridge in Fixed Sound mode. Yesterday, without my intervention, as far as I know, the sound level plummeted between listening sessions. After lots of exploration I discovered that if I switched to Device Volume it was set to -30dB. I put back to 0dB and then switched back to Fixed Sound and full volume was restored. I thought fixed was always 0dB, but perhaps I am mistaken? Either way this had me pulling hair for a while…

Hi @rDin,

As noted in the Knowledge Base article:

Fixed Volume disables volume control from within Roon, sending a fixed-level output signal to the audio device. Use this setting if you plan to control volume elsewhere–for instance, on your pre-amplifier or AV receiver.

So volume control is disabled in Roon, but you can still control the volume from other sources. If another source adjusted the volume for the device, that would explain why this occurred.

Thanks, Dylan. As far as I know the dCS doesn’t have a volume to control, so I have no idea how it got set to -30dB within Roon. All my IR remote volume controls go direct to the amplifier and I don’t use the Roon interface to adjust volume at all.

I’m happy that this is fixed for me ('cus for a while I thought it was a hardware failure), but just wanted to raise it in case others see the same issue and are searching for a clue, or perhaps there was something introduced in 1.7 that might be the root of this…

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