Fixed volume bit perfect

i get a lossless signal path with fixed volume. do the other volume settings dsp/device therefore compromise the lossless signal path? am i right in thinking fixed volume adds or takes nothing away from the music file hence ensuring a purple lossless signal path? thanks to all.

It can’t be “bit perfect” if the volume level has been adjusted.

so fixed volume is the only way to ensure a bit perfect signal when compared to the other 2 options?


I stopped using volume leveling because it negatively impacted the sound quality I was getting. I am much happier now with volume leveling off even though I sometimes have to grab the remote and adjust the volume up or down.

Yes, if you don’t want to do it in the digital domain use a preamplifier.

Depending on your device, Device Volume may be okay too. Roon passes volume commands to your device via the device’s driver. For example, some DACs have hardware volume controls in the analogue stage, so you still get a bit perfect signal (as indicated in Roon.)

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