Fixed Volume issue with Meridian Explorer 2

“The Volume is Fixed” even when I use the Meridian Explorer 2 in the variable output mode (headphones output) and it is not a problem to change the volume in the Windows Volume Mixer or with the laptop volume control.

did you set the audio output to have a fixed volume output in settings -> audio -> explorer item’s gears ?

Sorry, I’ve forgot to say that I use Meridian USB2 ASIO Driver [ASIO] and not WASAPI.

that shouldnt matter, the volume is fixed is due to a Roon setting, not the driver.

I is not possible to “fix” the volume if you configure it in the ASIO output. settings. I can do it if I configure the WASAPI output settings, only.

The ASIO driver lacks the concept of volume control. ASIO devices in our world always have fixed volume because there is no way to change the volume via the ASIO driver.

When you use the Windows mixer, you are using WASAPI to send volume commands to the Explorer, bypassing ASIO completely.

We could use WASAPI for volume and ASIO for audio, but we don’t do that now. Feature request?

That means, that Meridian Explorer use the System (WASAPI) for the volume control even if it installs an App for the amplifier volume control during the driver installation (?)
If it is like that it would be nice to have such a option in ROON, too.