Fixed Volume issue with Win 8.1

I am using a Win 8.1 laptop>Berkeley Alpha USB >Pacific Microsonics Model One DAC . Just noticed that when activating the fixed volume option, the music stops. Unactive it, and all is good.

are you saying that when the volume is fixed, you hear nothing or are you saying that changing the setting stops playback until you restart it?

Thanks for the report. I fooled around with it a little bit and reproduced.

Sorry for the trouble–for now, just leave that setting off and set your volume to the maximum. It will have the right effect.

We’ll have this fixed in the next build.

Even with Fixed Volume selected, the output is not at 100%.

@hk6230 What audio device is that to and how are you determining that it’s not 100%?

Well, the number underneath the audio speaker logo stated less than 100%. I’m using Devialet AIR output with Exclusive and Event on. My friend using Devialet USB is encountering the same, too.

I’ve just tried this on Win 8.1 [Lenovo A730] system with its inbuilt [Realtek HD] sound card.
When I select fixed output, the audio is silent … but the zone icon did show fixed output.
When I then select exclusive mode, I get audio … but it is not fixed as I can still control the volume via the PC’s “mixer” volume control.

I tend to agree, something’s not quite right here.

Yes, that’s right. When I changed the volume on my Devialet, the volume number will be adjusted accordingly, too.

When using fixed volume, the volume in the windows volume mixer is set to 0. In Roon it is no longer possible to change the volume, as I would expect. Inside the mixer it is still possible to adjust the volume, which to me beats the whole purpose of fixed volume.

all fixed volume does is crank the volume to 100 and then not let you control it within Roon. There is no concept of “fixed volume” all throughout the OS and beyond.

The bug was that on Windows, in some scenarios, we weren’t setting the volume to 100. When @brian said:

he meant exactly what he said. By changing the volume to maximum by hand, it’ll do exactly what clicking on fixed would have done. This will be fixed in the next build.

@danny This is indeed the behavior I would expect. The behavior I get now is setting volume to 0 (instead of 100) and I can no longer control it within Roon. Obviously, disabling the fixed volume feature and setting the volume to 100% manually is a viable workaround. I will wait for the next build.

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Same issue here. Also it looks like if you have two devices setup the both need to have fixed volume turned off. One is enough to also set the other to zero while i would expect it to be device dependent.