Fixed volume on Roon Ready devices

Been pondering this and perhaps someone can give a definitive answer.

I have seen some claims that setting the Roon streaming device setting to “Fixed volume” increases the audio fidelity as it is not sent through any DSP then (given that you are not using any DSP yourself".

My device is a Naim Uniti Star, which is Roon Ready.

Will that setting make any difference for me? My mind tells me there is a slight improvement when I change around but that could just be my mind playing tricks on me. What happens on paper?

I do miss have the in-app volume control for the Star on this setting.

So if I set the volume on this device, is it artificially changing the volume through DSP or is it operating only the volume controls of the device. As the volume on the device itself adjusts I want to think the latter and that there is no change to the audio signal.

‘What happens on paper’ does not change the sound that you perceive. So choose ‘best sound’ if that is the most important thing to you. If you cannot tell any sound quality difference between the options, choose convenience and stop worrying about it.


Those are true words indeed. Was just curious if the volume control goes through DSP or only volume API in this case.

It uses the naim volume control.

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Thanks! Suspicion confirmed.

But it should do that whether Fixed or Device setting were selected, right?
But if Fixed, you disable the possibility of adjusting volume in Roon, is that correct?


No DSP-volume control will take place unless Software setting is selected in Roon Audio device settings.

I read somewhere (forget where now) that Roon will use DSP to change the volume on devices where it does not have access to the volume API. If that is true I do not know.

And yes, using fixed volume means you cannot set the volume in the Roon software.

Yes, that makes sense. But this would never be allowed on a Roon Ready device.

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Yeah, I have now set the device to Device Volume again. The convenience trumps any mental trickery for me.

Was trying setting everything while I trialed Roon. My sub actually just activated today hehe, yay for me.

In retrospect this was during the time I was testing WiFi vs wired in Core. That obviously affected my experience.

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Won’t make any difference to the Star it only matters for streamers or DACs. Roon is controlling the analogue preamp in the Uniti all in ones no digital volume is being used. It should be set to device volume.