Fixing Android App's lack of fast scroll

Hi – The Android app has a killer flaw that renders it almost useless: it has no fast scroll. That is, if you start at “A” in your collection and have to get to “Z” you have to swipe about 100 times over 10 minutes to get there, if you have a lot of albums. There is nothing to grab on the side to expedite the process, like every other control app I’ve seen, including Roon on iPad. Is this on the fix list for the next version? Thanks. – David


It’s there…bottom left of screen there’s a ^ with ABC underneath it and a slider bar directly to its right. Click on the ABC to be presented with keys to take you directly to artists based on matching chars against your selection, or drag the slider bar.

Evan – thanks for helping out! However, I cannot find what you describe on my Android Roon app, on album view or any other view. What you describe is on the iPad app. Maybe I’m missing something. Thanks again. – David

Its not there on the android app. It is on IOS. I too would like it as I use the android app with headphones late at night and get a sore arm swiping so much.

Hi Is this on a tablet ? I ask as I use my phone and its very frustrating so I was thinking of buying a tablet but if its the same I wont bother

What version are you running?

Running on a Galaxy S7 Edge phone. Version 1.2 build 168

It would be helpful if someone from Roon addressed this.

I can tell you it’s definitely present on both my Google Nexus 10 and my Galaxy View. Granted I’m an alpha tester so it may be a recent addition in which case it’ll likely be in 1.3, but as far as I can recall it’s been there for a long time.

I think it is there on android tablets but not on the phones.

See this thread.

I think the basic misunderstanding is not so much Android vs iOS, but tablet vs phone.

The tablet app is meant to be a full representation of the desktop app and includes (almost) all functionality, including the alphabet picker.

The phone has a different paradigm: as the limited screen real estate makes it impossible to offer the full Roon experience, the phone remote is more of a casual remote, offering direct access to often-used entries for starting music quickly. I find that I tend to use discover far more on the Phone UI.

There’s no Edit functionality, no Focus and artist/album browsing is rudimentary. I can see where Roon is aiming at, although I agree that an alphabet slider is a necessity in the artists/albums views.

That said, I find myself liking the Phone UI immensely. Whenever I like to reach content that is not available in Recent/Discover/Bookmarks, I find that the search function in the Phone UI is quicker than any scrolling list could ever be.

I have used Sonos and iPeng before and found the miniaturised ‘right-hand alphabet list’ scrolling near useless. And I doubt that fast/accelerated scrolling solves anything with album lists going into the thousands.

from my experience I would have to disagree. I checked out several Android music player apps and they all had the slider and alphabet navigation. I used bubbleupnp 4 a year. I have about 1500 albums and the slider makes a huge difference. For a premium product like roon, it really is unacceptable


I now see the ABC on my Android Tablet now that someone pointed it out. It is nice. Now I want it on my Android Phone…

Agreed, having to manually scroll through a thousand artists or albums on the phone is a serious PITA. The Android tablet isn’t without its own issues. While it allows for A-Z scrolling, which is a huge benefit, if you have a large number of albums for a specific Artist it will freeze making browsing those albums impossible. That same functionality on an Android phone works fine.

Agreed also - I mostly use the phone (iOS), not a tablet and the lack of an alphabet slider is not good! The Naim Audio app has one (so I could use that, but I’m trying to focus on just using Roon) and it works very well, and as you’d expect.

Is this feature on the roadmap for implementation?

I’d like to go on record as saying that it is pretty annoying that roon will build out other fancier parts of its program, and neglect something as important and basic as this slider. It’s been more than a year now and probably a couple of significant upgrades and it still hasn’t been done. Bad.

I seem to recall that the Devs had mentioned a re-working of the phone interfaces was on the timeline. I would expect that this issue would be resolved as part of that. Now that MQA has gone out the door, I would imagine that other features and fixes will get some attention.

Thanks for the update.

Hi everybody,
I just started the trial period a few hours ago, setup was easy and now I’m playing around with roon app on my android phone. First thing I was missing (compared to Sonos app): an alphabetical fast scroll slider. To me, this is a no go. The app is more or less unusable. Why is this feature missing? I myself am an android developer and implementing fast scroll is quite easy and probably done in a few hours, so I do not understand why this feature is missing.
What a pity…

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heartily agree. Ive posted about this too.

Album scroll is just pointless, it take literally hundreds of swipes to get anywhere.

Ive just done a test 100 swipes has taken me about 600 albums into my albums. I simply can’t browse through albums.

The actual scrolling is really badly implemented also, aside from the fact that there’s no scroll bar, it’s not fluid, laggy and has a very high hysteresis (is that the right term Im looking for to say a fast swipe should scroll through potentially hundreds of albums at a time?). Ive not got a slouch for a phone either - Note 8.