Fixing Satin Jazz connection

Satin Jazz is a station on Live Radio but whenever I’ve tried t play it recently I’ve gotten the “Unable to Play this Station” message. This is a favorite station so I hope you can help.
Can this be fixed?
Since I’m writing, a question. I’ve added a few TuneIn stations. When I open one of these in My Live Radio, I don’t see reference to an audio stream like MP3 320 kpbps, Do these stations play at a lower bit rate?

Hello @Daniel_Polvere , we didn’t have Satin Jazz in our database, but I have added it now.
Perhaps you had added it yourself in My Live Radio?

The problem was that their URL seems to have changed recently, together with a bug in Roon concerning https urls.

Tunein streams can play at various rates, but are not generally lower than can be obtained direct from the website. home page states it should be 160kbps. However, when I used Lumin app + hardware to access TuneIn, it shows MP3 192kbps.

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The stream from the website is 192k

Sadly, I’m still getting the “Unable to play this station” message.

Just tried it - it’s working for me.

Has it worked with the new stream at all?

You originally were playing a station not in our database. Are you definitely playing the new database version?

Brian, I have to first thank you for SO quickly addressing the problem. But let me report back.
After reading your last comment, I went back and removed Satin Jazz (Ontario, Canada) from MyLiveRadio. I then went to LiveRadio under the Music tab and then the Jazz tab and came upon TWO SatinJazz (same logo, same website) I tried the New South Wales, Australia Satin Jazz and it works! and I’ve now added it.
Roon should remove the other SJ listing so others don’t run into this problem.
Thanks again,

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Ahh, I see the confusion.

The other, incorrect one, is called SatinJazz, no space in the middle, and also placed in Canada. That explains a) why I didn’t see it when I looked, and b) why you couldn’t play it as it has an out-of-date stream.

I’ll remove the wrong one.

Thank you for the info and apologies for not sorting things out for you earlier.

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